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How does teeth whitening work?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that your teeth will lose their youthful brightness over the years.

However, professional teeth whitening treatments can turn back the clock and restore your bright, beautiful smile.

Dental tools used for professional teeth whitening in Winston-Salem NCTeeth Whitening Treatments

As you age, microscopic holes open up in your dental enamel and attract food particles that dull your smile. At the same time, the enamel thins, making the yellowish layer of dentin beneath more noticeable. Another factor that can contribute to a dull smile is consuming foods and drinks like coffee, dark tea, red wine, dark berries, and tomato sauce that deposit stains on your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening can remove stains and brighten your smile by six to eight shades. An in-office treatment gets the job done fast, usually in an hour or less.

Many of our patients prefer whitening at home at their convenience with custom take-home kits. The kit consists of prescription-strength whitening gel and trays that are customized for you using impressions of your teeth. You will be instructed to wear the trays daily for about two weeks, and you should see results that are about six to eight shades brighter.

Dental Cleanings and Teeth Whitening in Winston-Salem

Every teeth whitening treatment should start with a professional cleaning to ensure that your teeth are as clean as they can be. This results in the most noticeable, consistent results.

If you would like to learn more about professional whitening treatments offered at our practice, please give us a call to arrange an appointment.

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