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Can you see a tooth infection on an x-ray?

When plaque-causing bacteria build up on your teeth, they begin to erode your tooth enamel and create pits that eventually become tooth cavities. When your Winston-Salem dentist detects these cavities early, they are easier to correct. Among the most effective tools in detecting cavities are dental x-rays which can see inside your teeth. This way, you can see a tooth infection on an x-ray, including its size and depth.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays in Winston-Salem

X-rays are a dental tool we’ve been using for decades, but a more recent advance is digital x-rays, which eliminate the traditional film approach. Here are the ways digital x-rays are an improvement:

  • Speed – digital x-rays are available immediately and don’t require developing expensive film
  • Easier to store and share – a film radiograph needs to be physically stored and cannot be easily shared
  • Safer – digital x-rays expose you to less radiation, and because they are stored on a computer or in the cloud, you won’t need to take new x-rays to replace any lost items.

But x-rays and other technological advances are useless if you don’t keep your routine dental visits for cleanings and exams. Cavities may emerge at any time and silently advance until we detect them. Professional dental cleanings also protect your teeth from decay by removing the plaque accumulations which resist your at-home care routine.

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