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What happens if I skip teeth cleanings?

Your Winston-Salem dentist and the American Dental Association place particular emphasis on professional teeth cleanings. It really is your best defense against preventable conditions.

Unfortunately, people do skip their teeth cleanings, believing that brushing and flossing alone will keep their smiles healthy for life.

woman smiling in dental chair after cleaningImportance of Regular Dental Cleanings

When you skip teeth cleanings, you allow bacteria, tartar, and plaque to collect on your teeth. And your toothbrush and dental floss alone cannot get rid of it all. So over time, you develop cavities and—in some cases—gum disease.

Gum disease is a severe oral health complication that can lead to tooth loss and systematic health concerns involving the heart and lungs. It has even been linked to certain forms of dementia and low birth weight in babies.

Skipping teeth cleanings not only puts you at risk for preventable conditions, but it can also mean more time in the dental chair later and more money spent on avoidable conditions. For example, gum disease therapy is ongoing. Likewise, a root canal treatment means more than one dental visit.

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