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What can digital x-rays show?

Digital x-rays are a diagnostic tool that dentists use to see parts of your mouth that they can’t see during a visual examination. For example, many cavities start to form inside or between teeth.

If you develop a toothache and the decayed portion isn’t visible, your dentist in Winston Salem will take a digital x-ray to diagnose the issue. Before they ever touch your tooth, they will know the cavity’s precise size and location. 

Other issues a dental x-ray reveals are:

  • Cavities inside and between teeth
  • Decay beneath an existing filling
  • Dental abscesses or other tooth root problems 
  • Impacted wisdom teeth 
  • Jawbone loss associated with gum disease
  • Changes to bone due to infected teeth
  • Tumors and cysts

Digital x-rays are especially beneficial because they are highly detailed and allow our dentists to see even the tiniest cavities. Because they can detect a cavity in its very early stages, they can fill the tooth long before you would ever develop a toothache. 

Another benefit of digital x-rays is that they expose our patients to about 80 percent less radiation than film x-rays. Our patients’ safety is a top priority, and digital x-rays are another way to protect our patients.

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