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What is dental bonding?

If you'd like to conceal cosmetic dental flaws like chipped, broken, or discolored teeth but don't want to commit to the upkeep of veneers, bonding may be the perfect solution. Bonding is a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses composite resin to perfect these aesthetic issues and many others.

Composite resin is the same material we use for tooth-colored fillings. Its translucent appearance is similar to that of tooth enamel, and we can color match the material to the shade of your tooth for an invisible repair. 

Our cosmetic dentist in Winston-Salem commonly uses dental bonding to address the following concerns:

  • Correct wide gaps or uneven spacing between teeth
  • Alter the shape or size of a tooth 
  • Repair chipped teeth
  • Conceal and protect cracked teeth
  • Hide tooth discoloration
  • Protect exposed tooth roots
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity

How Dental Bonding Works

Bonding is minimally invasive, meaning that we don't have to alter a tooth to treat it. There's no need to grind the tooth down or remove natural enamel as we would with crowns and veneers. 

With dental bonding at our Winston-Salem dental office, our dentist roughens the tooth's surface slightly, then applies the composite resin directly to the tooth in layers. Each layer is hardened with a curing light until we perfect the tooth's shape, size, and shade. 

Because the dentist is only working on the tooth's surface, there's no need for numbing. Since there's little preparation involved and the process is very efficient, we can complete the bonding process in one sitting. 

Do You Need Dental Bonding in Winston-Salem, NC?

If you're on a budget or just like saving money, dental bonding is an affordable cosmetic option that can dramatically improve your smile's appearance. Our cosmetic dentist offers dental bonding for patients in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Muddy Creek.

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