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Are dental implants expensive?

Dental implants are truly an investment in your oral health and your overall health. Living without a Dental implant screw and crown going into bottom teeth at Winston Salem dentist officetooth creates problems for many aspects of your life. Your nutrition suffers when you can't properly chew your food, while your confidence may be diminished by the appearance of your smile without your tooth.

The cost of a tooth implant varies significantly with each patient's unique needs. Price is determined based on how many implants you might need to restore your smile and what type of restorations you decide on. Dental implants in Winston-Salem, NC can restore a single tooth with a ceramic porcelain crown, and they're also capable of supporting dental bridges or partials and dentures for multiple tooth replacement.

Schedule A Consultation for Dental Implants with Dr. Tibbs

The best way to determine precisely how much your tooth implant will be is to schedule an evaluation with Winston-Salem dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Tibbs. He will use x-rays and a thorough examination to decide if dental implants are right for you and what type of restorations you need.

Once the cost of your implant treatment is determined, our talented treatment coordinators can help you learn about different ways to make your new smile a reality. Third-party financing with companies like CareCredit is what many patients choose to make monthly payments, which makes their treatment more affordable. Contact our 27103 dental office today to learn more about dental implants in Winston-Salem.

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