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Haven’t Visited the Dentist in Years? Here’s Why You Should Make An Appointment

December 20, 2020
Posted By: Jeffrey J Tibbs, DDS, PA Staff
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It’s easy to let your oral health slip. Remembering to brush your teeth and floss regularly is difficult for a lot of people. People also forget to make appointments for regular dental cleaning and exams.

At The Dental Practice of Dr. Jeffrey J. Tibbs, we understand that life gets busy. We also understand that many people are afraid of the dentist and avoid the dental office out of fear. We want to assure you that you will never be judged coming into our office, and we will do everything in our power to make your dental experience comfortable and pain-free.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in years, here are three reasons why you should make an appointment. 

It's Never Too Late to Check in on Your Oral Health

Despite what you may think, it’s never too late for a dentist to take a look. Even if you haven’t been to the dentist in years, we can still help you improve your oral health. We will be happy to work alongside you to achieve a healthy smile.

Your Oral Health Is Linked to Your Overall Health

The longer you let tooth and gum issues persist, the worse they will become, and your oral health can affect the overall health of your body. Just as you should see your doctor for regular check-ups, you should also see your dentist for a regular exam of your teeth and gums.

Tooth and Gum Issues Get More Painful and More Expensive with Time 

The longer you wait to see your dentist, the more money you will likely have to spend when you finally get around to making an appointment. Do yourself a favor and start seeing your dentist regularly now to avoid costly dental procedures in the future.

The longer you wait to see a dental professional, the more invasive the procedures are likely to be as well, so you can also save yourself pain and time spent in the dentist's chair with preventative care. 

If you need a dentist in the Winston-Salem, NC, area, contact us to request an appointment. We are here to help you improve your oral health and your smile!

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