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Why You Shouldn't Miss Your Next Dental Exam

February 3, 2020
Posted By: Jeffrey J. Tibbs, DDS Staff

Visiting your dentist for your routine dental exam can feel like an inconvenience when your schedule is hectic. When you feel overwhelmed, you might consider putting your appointment off or canceling it altogether, but here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn't do that.

#1: Dental Exams in Winston-Salem Save You Time and Money

You might wonder how visiting your dentist could save you money. The answer is that early detection of many dental concerns allows you to choose more conservative and less expensive treatment procedures.

Here's an example. If your dentist in Winston-Salem detects tooth decay in its early stages, you can likely treat it with a cost-effective and straightforward dental filling. If the decay is left undiagnosed or untreated, it will progress further into your tooth. Eventually, it will reach your nerve, where it will cause an infection and severe pain. 

A dental infection requires root canal treatment to alleviate it and preserve your tooth. Root canal treatment is a more invasive and more costly procedure that could've been avoided by being proactive about your dental exam and completing treatment recommendations.

#2: Dental Exams in Winston-Salem Protect Your Overall Health

Science has shown us the many ways that dental health is connected to your overall health and well being. We now understand that the bacteria that cause gum disease also can contribute to other non-dental health concerns like heart disease, diabetes, dementia, complications during pregnancy, stroke, and high blood pressure.

You are screened for gum disease during every dental examination so we can detect it as early as possible. Your best defense against gum disease is your routine preventive care appointments every six months. 

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