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Do You Have Mild or Severe Tooth Pain? We Can Help You!

April 18, 2020
Posted By: Jeffrey J. Tibbs DDS Staff

Many of us will experience a toothache at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, tooth pain often goes ignored with the unrealistic hope that it will resolve itself. 

You can try ibuprofen or another home remedy to give you temporary relief, but the only way to get rid of the pain for good and avoid the need for complex treatment is to call your Winston-Salem dentist and schedule an appointment.

Why We Get Toothaches

The short answer is that it's usually a cavity or infection that causes a toothache, but you feel pain because it’s the only sensation that a tooth can feel. Once tooth decay penetrates the outer protective layers of dentin and enamel, the nerve becomes exposed, and you get a toothache.

Mild Toothaches

Your teeth have an early-warning system to alert you to a problem, and it manifests as a mild, intermittent toothache. In the early stages, you may feel a slight twinge or an ache around the tooth, but you find that you can control it reasonably well with OTC pain medications.

In the case of mild tooth pain, the odds are that you have a small cavity or the beginning of an infection. Both can usually be resolved successfully with prompt attention at our Winston-Salem dental office that may involve a tooth filling or periodontal treatment. 

Severe Toothaches

A severe toothache is one that is so painful that it's hard to function or think clearly. You may experience throbbing pain, or you might feel a sharp shock of pain when you bite down on the tooth.

You feel this pain because the toothache, abscess, or root canal infection has penetrated the innermost part of your tooth where the nerve is located. At this stage, you know you have no option but to call your dentist and get emergency treatment to relieve your awful pain and save the tooth from extraction. 

Don’t Ignore Tooth Pain—Call So We Can Help

Everyone experiences pain differently, so even a mild toothache may indicate a serious problem. To save yourself further tooth pain and avoid the expense of complex treatment like a root canal, stay current with your routine checkups and teeth cleanings, and call your Winston-Salem dentist at the first sign of a toothache. 

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