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What Does a Dental Filling Do?

September 8, 2020
Posted By: Jeffrey J. Tibbs, D.D.S. Staff
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Even if you take fantastic care of your teeth, odds are you’ll probably have a cavity at some point. Cavities, which leave tiny holes in your teeth, pose a threat to your oral health and can compromise the structure of your smile. 

The best way to treat a cavity is to clean the area by removing the decay and then packing synthetic material into the tiny hole to protect the tooth from further damage. In the dental community, we refer to this technique as “filling” the cavity.

Protect Your Teeth With Dental Fillings

If you have a cavity, your dentist will need to clean out the cavity as soon as possible. The longer a cavity is left alone, the larger it will grow, and the more problems it will cause. 

Because filling a cavity requires your dentist to remove compromised material from the inside of your tooth, you also need to have your tooth filled and reinforced with a new material that takes the place of the decay. This is where dental fillings come in. 

Our tooth-colored dental fillings in Winston-Salem consist of a unique medical-grade blend of glass and composite resin, a ceramic and plastic mixture specifically designed for dental use. Modern tooth fillings are strong, insoluble, attractive, and easy for dentists to manipulate. 

The purpose of a dental filling is to take the place of where a cavity once lived and to fortify the structure of your tooth, so it doesn’t become prone to damage and breakage. If you have a cavity removed, you also need to fill the area to keep the tooth sterile, sturdy, and safe from future plaque attacks.

Schedule a Tooth-Colored Cavity Filling in Winston-Salem

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