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What Are Common Dental Emergencies?

November 16, 2021
Posted By: Jeffrey J. Tibbs, DDS Staff
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Dental emergencies can be frightening—forcing you to cancel plans, miss work, and disrupt sleep. Fortunately, your emergency dentist Dr. Jeffrey Tibbs in Winston-Salem, NC offers emergency dental appointments to restore your oral health and rid you of pain.

There are many different dental emergencies, and some are more common than others. If you are experiencing any dental pain, be sure to schedule an appointment with us immediately.

Common Dental Emergencies in Winston-Salem, NC

One of the most common dental emergencies we see in our dental office is deep root infection that requires immediate root canal treatment.

Signs of a root infection include:

  • Toothache or extreme sensitivity
  • Jaw pain and swelling
  • Blister or raised area on the gum

It’s essential to treat your root infection promptly to stop the pain from increasing and the infection from spreading. Treatment requires numbing your tooth and the surrounding tissue, extracting the infection, and sealing your tooth with a transient filling. Then, at another appointment, we’ll restore your tooth’s stability with a dental crown.

Other common dental emergencies include large cavities causing tooth pain.

Less Common Dental Emergencies

A tooth knocked out or knocked loose tooth happens on occasion, as do broken teeth. A damaged or lost restoration may also mean an emergency dental appointment with us.

Of course, there are too many possibilities to consider them all. So, we encourage you to contact our dental office if you suspect a dental emergency or if you’re not sure. A trained and compassionate staff member can assess your symptoms and make the best determination for you. But you can count on us not leaving you in pain.

Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

If you have a dental emergency or suspect you might, contact our dental office today.

We treat dental emergencies in all locations, including Winston-Salem, Clemmens, Lewisville, and Muddy Creek, NC. We are also happy to accept CareCredit financing in our dental office. This allows you to receive care and pay off your dental bill over time. A member of our team can help you apply, and decisions are usually prompt.

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