Gentle Tooth Extractions in Winston-Salem

Woman Icing Side of Face | Gentle Tooth Extractions in Winston-SalemHere at the office of Jeffrey J. Tibbs, DDS, we offer preventive services to help you maintain a healthy smile and dental restorations that strengthen and protect damaged teeth.

Our goal is to do everything possible to save a problematic tooth; however, in some cases, extraction of the tooth may be necessary to protect your overall oral health.

Why We Recommend Extraction

Dr. Tibbs may recommend tooth extraction as the healthiest option in several cases.

For instance, a tooth may need to be extracted because of severe decay, advanced gum disease, or when other types of treatment are not feasible. We may also need to remove a tooth because it’s not positioned properly, as in the case of wisdom teeth, or in preparation for orthodontic treatment or denture therapy.

Even for patients who aren’t necessarily anxious about dental visits, facing tooth extraction can be challenging. But with an experienced dentist like Dr. Tibbs and the attention of a caring team of professionals, tooth extraction is not stressful or complicated.

Your Needs Come First

Woman Sitting in Dental Chair | Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Winston-SalemOur focus is on building long-term, trusting relationships so we can get to know you and understand your needs. If it is necessary for us to extract a tooth, you can feel calm and relaxed knowing that your needs are being met by friendly, familiar professionals who only want the best for you.

We want you to feel comfortable, so we always include you in the decision-making process. Dr. Tibbs won’t decide on any procedure until he’s sure he has answered all your questions and explained how the treatment will benefit your long-term oral health. 

At this time, he will also discuss appropriate tooth replacement solutions with you. We offer several options for restoring the health and appearance of your smile, and Dr. Tibbs will take all the time you need to help you decide if dental implants, bridges, or full or partial dentures are the right solution for you.

It’s common to feel anxiety when facing extraction, so please don’t be embarrassed if you need a little extra help to relax! We are pleased to offer safe, effective nitrous oxide sedation that works well for most of our patients. Nitrous won’t make you go to sleep, but it will help you feel pleasantly relaxed and calm so you are less aware of what is happening around you.

After your procedure, we will send you home with instructions for care, then follow up with a phone call that evening to check in and see how you’re doing. 

Arrange a Consultation with our Winston-Salem Team

If you are concerned that you may need a tooth extracted, please don’t put off treatment because of fear and anxiety. Contact our Winston-Salem, NC dental office, and a friendly member of our team will be happy to arrange a consultation with Dr. Tibbs to evaluate your needs and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.