Top-Notch Dental Technology in Winston-Salem

Woman Receiving X-Ray | Dentist 27103 Dentists have relied on film x-rays for decades to observe what is happening inside a tooth. Today, remarkable advances in dental technology have eliminated the need for film and replaced it with digital x-rays that allow us to produce an image faster and with far more detail than film x-rays.

Here at the office of Jeffrey J. Tibbs, DDS, we offer all the comprehensive services your family needs to enjoy healthy smiles. Your semi-annual exams are a critical part of your overall oral health care, so we want to be as thorough as possible to stay a step ahead of problems. We choose to invest in state-of-the-art technology like digital x-rays, which make diagnosing dental conditions faster, safer, more comfortable, and more accurate than ever before.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

You may not realize it, but radiation is everywhere in our environment, from our soil and water to the air we breathe. However, we understand that many people today have concerns about their exposure during dental x-rays.

You will be pleased to know that state-of-the-art digital x-rays are proven to reduce your exposure by as much as 90 percent compared to x-rays taken with film.

The Advantages of Digital X-Rays

X-Ray | Dentist 27103 We chose to invest in digital x-ray technology because of the many benefits it offers to our patients:

  • Digital x-rays produce accurate, high-resolution images. Clear images allow us to quickly detect conditions like decay and dental infection early, long before we would see them with a visual exam or on a film x-ray. Detecting and treating problems when they are small helps you avoid the inconvenience and expense of complicated issues in the future.
  • Instead of bulky x-ray film that can be difficult to hold and position properly, we use comfortable flat sensors that capture a digital image and send it directly to our computer. 
  • Digital x-rays are a valuable educational tool because we can share the image with you on your chairside monitor. Dr. Tibbs can manipulate the image by zooming in, rotating it, and making it larger or smaller so you easily see what the problem is and why treatment is recommended. 
  • Since your x-rays are stored securely on our in-house system, we can access them quickly for treatment or to send to a specialist or insurance company.

Please Call Our Office to Learn More

We use state-of-the-art technology like digital x-rays so we can provide the updated, high-quality treatment you deserve. Today, we use technology in many areas of our practice; if you haven’t visited a dental office in a while, you owe it to yourself to see how we can make your appointments more comfortable and productive.

Please call our Winston-Salem dental office, and we will be happy to make an appointment so you can see how easy it can be to achieve excellent oral health.